Vim Cheatsheet

General Commands

  • O - put a line above
  • t! go to the immediate left of !
  • f! go on !
  • % toggle between opening and closing brackets
  • cw - change word, get rid of the word and drop in insert mode
  • D - to delete the rest of the line
  • C - delete the rest of the line and drop in insert mode
  • ct} - delete everything up until } and drop in insert
  • dt/ - delete till /, or any char for that matter
  • * - take the cursor to the same word, use it to drop to all the places the same word exists
  • zz - center the cursor vertically
  • a - drop in insert and move one position right
  • A - go to the end of the line
  • 10x - delete 10 chars to the right
  • ~ - swap the case of the character
  • 5~ - swap the case of the next 5 characters
  • . - repeat the last command
  • rt - replace the current character with t
  • r3o - replace the next 3 letters with o
  • >> - indent that line forward
  • << - indent that line backward


Record keystrokes and replay them

  • q to start recording a macro, and then press the key you want to save the macro to, qw will start recording a macro for key w
  • press q again to stop recording the macro, to replay the macro, press @w
  • [email protected] to run the macro on the next 20 lines


  • / to start searching, n to go to the word, N to go back

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